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EGO Exhibit

EGO is a revolutionary new concept for merchandising displays and exhibition building.
Use these 3 items to create nearly any shape and size display.

  • 10 year warranty
  • No visual structure
  • Can be assembled in virtually any shape size or configuration
  • Can mount heavy items such as LCD’s, product showcases and shelves
  • Completely tool-free assembly
  • High quality, European designed product
  • To keep things GREEN, EGO can be easily reused, reconfigured and recycled
  • Packs down into very small sizes, very lightweight and is perfect for interstate and overseas travel.
EGO Exhibit

EGO’S versatility is illustrated in the above graphic…If you purchased the components to make the W1, you could also make the 7 options shown below the W1.

EGO Exhibit

The W1 assembled is approximately 3400mm high x 5000mm wide x 1500mm deep, and unassembled, it packs down into the 2 cases shown above.

EGO Exhibit

EGO is quick, light and easy to assemble. EGO gives wings to a bright new idea of having a distinctive graphic panel system with room for much more creativity and customised designs, compared to more limited stand building and pop up systems.

EGO Exhibit

The construction virtually disappears in favour of the printed graphics…your message!

Visual communication at its best.


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